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      MicroSyslog - the tiny
SysLog server on Visual Basic
      This little program allows you to receive and store logs from all network devices according to the standard Protocol. Syslog server does not require installation. But in Windows should be the standard library MSWINSCK.OCX If you run a syslog server, you receive the error message that the library you want to install. In the supplied manual there is a link to a Youtube video with a demonstration of installing MSWINSCK.OCX
      Syslog server takes up little memory, writes the logs in a simple text file. Each file contains 100 records. It then writes to the next file.
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Valery V Shmeleff  Blog
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      Direct link. Size - 60 Kilobytes in ZIP
      Source code Visual Basic. Example
      Example 2
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Free syslog server
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